Some thoughts about leisure time…

Somewhere along the way, Americans began spending money as a pastime. It’s become so ingrained in the subconscious that it’s crossed into insanity.

Case in point.

Three generations of women plan to go shopping during a weekend. Weather interferes. Women cast about for “activity” away from home, and settle on hairdresser’s salon. Said hairdresser is working alone, with two prior appointments. Women persevere. Nail tech arrives late, and women still persevere. Five hours later they depart. Upon arriving home, women decide to leave home again to find restaurant for supper, cooking being too much work and effort. Note: poor weather persists.

Tonight is rented movies on the television. Tomorrow entails a movie theater.

Somewhere along the way, people in the USA stopped social interaction. We are poorer for the change.

Don't bother.

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