Satanism in the Church

Bryce Laliberte published a wise critique of the Catholic Church. Whether or not you share his religious affiliation – or are even atheist, as I am – you ought read his evaluation of the modern heretics within the church, and the evil at its head.

I believe it is not unreasonable to assert that Protestantism springs from these roots, though Bryce would dissent from that opinion.

2 responses to “Satanism in the Church

  1. >I believe it is not unreasonable to assert that Protestantism springs from these roots

    I think modernism is just the secularized consequence of the Protestant Formation. I almost did level a critique against Maradiaga on those grounds, i.e. being essentially Protestant, but that would’ve detracted from the focus.

    • It may be worthwhile to differentiate between Protestant Reformation and Protestant Rebellion. The former presumes something good actually results. So much modernism isn’t even destruction, and certainly isn’t creation, but is merely identification and categorization of the ruined world as it exists. Maradiaga appears – to the eyes of an atheist – to advocate what we reactionaries among atheists call “Atheism Plus,” that is, atheism plus advocacy for progressive politics: normalizing sexual deviancy by removing social consequences for depravity, discouraging personal responsibility for life outcomes, concealing the disparate cost for support of women and children beneath universal capital obligations to all persons, and generally concealing all the irrationality of those goals beneath dogmatic strictures, shaming, and shunning, rather than a reasoned explanation available to any person sufficiently competent to question the underpinnings of civilization.


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