Chateau Heartiste and other anti-feminists may have a point

I’m sitting here listening to a woman talk (from a written speech – Oh! The Pain!) about how normalized sexual activity doesn’t represent the true range of sexual exploration. Is there something wrong with a long talk about sexuality that fails to arouse?

Is it stereotypical for obese women to include nude photos of fat women?

Something about this whole talk seems angry and discouraging.

Why such an emphasis on “safe sex?” Oh, that’s right, she’s also advocating libertine multiple partner arrangements.

“I don’t condone cheating, but I understand why it happens.”

Paraphrase: “If your partner cheats, it may be your fault.” Also, “I advise people who stay with unhappy sex partnerships that they’re hurting your children.”

“You love your friends and family, and they’re having sex with other people.” Therefore, if you’re married, you can have sex with other people, and that’s okay, too. (Okay… I’ll try that argument and see how that goes.)

“If you want to try… every kinky thing you can think of, do it.”

There is a video, so there will be links when I link all of Reason in the Rock speakers.

“Deviant sex is any harmful or non-consensual relationship.”

From a commenter (smart lady). “Back in the 70’s, open marriage was ‘the thing’ and marriages and people were destroyed by spouses who eventually bonded with partners outside the marriage.” – (no kidding, this shit can ruin lives).

This woman’s in for a rude surprise when she hits the wall.

Don't bother.

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