While not a supporter of Christianity, I can get behind folks who realize Femen’s only value is prurient.

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Exaggeratedly feminine Fembots with guns in th...

Warning:  In general, this blog is rated ‘R’ — This post specifically, contains the F-Bomb numerous times and partial nudity.  It is necessary to include this content to fully inform the reader.  It is not intended to be gratuitous.  I tried to edit out the vulgarity as much as possible without losing the integrity of the information. 

In Europe there’s a radical feminist group, Femen, whose trademark is protesting topless with their slogans written across their bare breasts.  One woman had her breasts adorned with the words, “Bare Breasts are our Weapons.”  I’d never laughed so hard in my life.  All I could think of was the scene in Austin Powers where the Fembots try to kill Austin when gun barrels come out of their silver bra, clad breasts , literally making their breasts weapons.  The other similarity between the Fembots and Femen is their preprogrammed, group think with a complete…

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