This One is All About Me.

Hook can crack a man’s frozen heart.

You've Been Hooked!

A couple of things before we begin:This title is far from correct; no one lives in a bubble, and even those who do must rely on someone else at some point. But this post reflects my feelings about a situation that goes far beyond my life. It was also written earlier this week but as you’ll read, I was reluctant to hit the “Publish” key.

I have reversed that decision.

It is seven a.m. on a quiet Sunday morning that will soon be anything but.

In a short while, the hordes shall awaken from their alcohol-induced slumber and begin to crawl closer, ever closer to my station. Mistress Fate never fails to amaze/disappoint me with her offerings, and my faith in her never wavers. I know whatever is coming will be both dark and terrible and enlightening and joyful.

But I am ill-prepared for the coming onslaught, to say…

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