That’s so Meta: WordPress Statistics for “A Life Un-lived”

[Yet another unpublished post. I made private the referenced popular post. If you missed it, too bad.]

It’s been buging me no end that my most popular blog post is “Naming Your Submissive.” Really, of all the things I have to contribute to the universe, it dismays me to think that’s the best. But there it is: if it’s not the best, it’s at least the most popular.

This got me to thinking that it may be time to re-examine blogging under this psuedonym and instead re-starting more conspicuously as myself. Some content may be edited and recycled, and some my go into a “vault”, but I’m about ready to integrate my online life with my real life, and then see how the consequences shake out.

Despite the drawbacks, there are reasons I would prefer to “get real” with blogging.

1. I’m confident my readership will increase.

My offline relationships far outnumber my online connections. Most of these people have a genuine interest in my life and my opinions. For the most part, I’ve tried to keep my opinions to myself in order to “protect the innocent,” but I’ve concluded I’m robbing people of interacting with me, and only providing a character for them. That leads to…

2. People want to interact with a real person.

I am about D/s relationships. But that’s not the day-to-day hour-to-hour occupation of my life. I don’t spend a typical day managing a psycho-sexual relationship. I spend most of my day locked in a two-room office suite hammering out designs for clients. That experience, more than the D/s stuff, informs my opinions of much of life, and much of this blog. As long as I hide behind a curtain, “Dorothy” never meets the wizard. [Mind you, the wizard never got Dorothy home.]

Also, I’m handsome.

3. I’ll blog more if my personal reputation is on the line.

Much as I wish it were otherwise, much of what I don’t publish remains a draft because I’m crafting it as a persona and editing it for excessively revealing content. That just has to stop. It would be nice to talk about personal relationships more fully, not so I can reveal more nitty-gritty details, but so that I can be more honest about what’s happening in my life and how that impacts my thinking. As it stands, my readers only get that in fits and spurts.

4. I can’t take this online persona offline into the real world.

In case you haven’t noticed – and there’s no reason you should – I blog under a particulalry notorious anagram. While clever, it doesn’t take a genius to see through the ruse. I can never take this psuedonym offline.

5. My reasons for being anonymous are fading.

When I first opened this account, there was still a fair probability that I might need professional employment with an established firm. Nowadays, that seems increasingly unlikely. Business income is tolerable, so this is probably what I do until I’m ready to retire to something less stressful. I doubt that next phase will care that I blog.

Also, the personal relationships that would have made blogging a problem are either over or have transformed such that blogging my unfiltered personal opinions isn’t an issue. As for the relationships that aren’t personal… well, I don’t think my blog’ll much matter.

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