Because somebody’s got to object!

I’m confident that the media will dwell ceaselessly on the Obama vs. Romney exchange regarding the death of four embassy staff in Libya, including the U.S. ambassador. What bugs me most about it was Obama’s chastisement of Romney for accusing the President and his staff of politicizing the event, or not taking it seriously, followed by the moderator’s inaccurate correction of Romney. I was not interested in her attempt to referee between these two men.

Neither candidate came out looking perfect last night, but I am past sick and tired of Obama’s insistence that his actions are above contempt by virtue of the office to which he has been elected. A less tempered man than Romney would have beat the President senseless.

Which makes me think, perhaps Romney ought to goad the President into striking him. I think seeing Obama lose his cool would illustrate for the public to his intolerance of dissent.

One response to “Because somebody’s got to object!

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