Basic Instinct

I’ve been buried under a variety of personal concerns the last several weeks, but I’m taking a short breather to comment on a movie I watched again for the first time in many years: Basic Instinct.

First off, I was up late Saturday night when I stumbled upon this gem among the “watch again” list on Netflix. Decades ago, I included it as a double-feature with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Strangely, not one member of the audience of one film viewed the other. I guess they missed the shared themes. The feminists among you can probably sort those out.

I’m writing this post to share with you that I realized, upon perhaps my fourth lifetime viewing of the film, that the reason I like Sharon Stone’s Katheryn, is that she takes the time to learn all the intimate details of her protagonist’s life, and then loves him. So often, love stories get this backward, men and women pattern lives on that inversion of reality, and then reap the opposite of what they expect.

No more wisdom: go investigate somebody.

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