A Message from the Patriarchy: Abortion

It has come to the attention of the Patriarchy that certain females believe that the Patriarchy is responsible for the proscription of abortion. This is true. The Patriarchy opposes abortion. The important thing for you to understand is why.

The Patriarchy values all life. Women matter to us. Children matter to us. Why else do you think the honorable among us confine slaughter to one another? When you abort a pregnancy, you kill something. What is that something?

We leave you to make your own determination. We made ours. Now you know why.

4 responses to “A Message from the Patriarchy: Abortion

  1. If the Patriarchy had the steel to back that up, The Patriarchy would take accountability for where and when they lay their seed. Oh wait – what consequences would that mean for The Patriarchy? Well, that would mean that they would have to take responsibility in a major way. THAT means The Patriarchy would need to man up and realize their own bodies play a part in so many abortions. Wait – Why hasn’t The Patriarchy seen this loophole before? Has the orgasmic spewing of seed fogged their vision? Perhaps they haven’t realized that their seed is so powerful – it creates life even if it isn’t their intention. How could that be missed? How could that power be dismissed so easily by the same people who are responsible for the proscription of abortion. Perhaps it is time to end abortion by the proscription of irresponsible and wreckless fucking by passing a law to enforce vasectomies to men who are unable to take responsibility for a child they create. Hmmmm – I don’t understand why this perspective is never spoken of. Is the Patriarchy intellectually capable of reasoning control over another’s body if they have not yet controlled their own?! I see that I must determine my own bodily functions and life decisions, thank you. (I love that you posted this.)

    • Jayne: the Patriarchy concurs with your opinion. We are the Patriarchy with reason. Those without progeny claimed by acknowledged and supported children aren’t qualified for membership. Deadbeat bums and the childless needn’t apply. Perhaps we will publish full membership qualifications soon.

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