Sometimes Good News Comes from a Bad Situation

I received a phone call from a construction superintendent today. He was calling to schedule my observation of a small concrete placement in town. Problem was, the project was for the client I just shed. Since the termination letter is already in the mail, it’s too late to do the guy a favor and drop by anyway. I explained the situation as best I could without breaking confidentiality, and he was very kind to me about the whole thing, whereas most guys would have probably been a little upset.

Here’s the sweet thing: he made a point of saying some very nice things about me, about how well the work had gone, and about how I had been very helpful and responsive through the whole process. All that was completely unrequested praise; I was trying to get off the phone with him so I wouldn’t inadvertently say anything hurtful about my former client. But he went on for a long time about everything I had done right and promised – again, unbidden – to spread the word about how I’d done a really good job. I was truly touched. I’m sitting here at the bleeding edge end of my day tearing-up a little just thinking about it.

Wow. I must be stressed out. Breaking things, crying, insomnia, blogging. What a summer this has been.

Ah, well. Sleep beckons and I am tired, and there is so much left to do to deliver this project now on my desk so I can start hunting for the next challenge. There is truly no rest for the weary, but occasionally , there is sleep. Perhaps I may dream of lovelies such as those provided by the Nude Monk.

… more likely the nightmare where I sleep through my college exams.

Reason in the Rock

Since “nobody” reads my blog, this may be wasted effort, but I feel an obligation to share with you that the Arkansas Society of Freethinkers, among others, is hosting Reason in the Rock in October. If you’re atheist or agnostic or unbeliever or whatever and anywhere within a four-hour drive of Little Rock, please register to attend. The speaker line-up will be hard to beat (Jerry DeWitt is a personal favorite), and Little Rock’s a great place for a weekend trip.

Unlike me, the crowd is pretty liberal and sex-positive, so you needn’t worry about Ayn Rand wonkiness or whether your pink tie will stand out. If you’re like me, there’s a healthy minority of stick-in-the-mud types; we can all hang out together.

The organizers are taking donations for this free event. If you have means, this is someting worth supporting.

A Message from the Patriarchy

I read a blog here at WordPress. I may link it later. Following is my response.

Speaking for the “Patriarchy,” penetrative intra-vaginal sex is not mandatory. I can assure you we aren’t interested in anything other than mutual respect. We establish partnerships with women interested in what we offer. Among our offers is penetrative intra-vaginal sex. We offer other advantages: mutual support, superior physical strength and stamina, time-independent emotional states, among other traits and advantages whose benefits you ceaselessly dispute. Relationships predicated on the guilt or shame of either party do not interest us. If you would rather not fuck, please take your vaginal discourse proclaiming that “a woman’s vagina is not for fucking” elsewhere. The patriarchy has addressed these false and misleading claims for six thousand years and we tire of this dispute. When you are prepared to join with us as you did thousands of years ago and build a civilization from scratch with nothing but your bare hands and the power of your mind, then we may negotiate sexuality, but don’t expect us to acquiesce to your demands without a just exchange. We will no more be your slaves than you falsely claim we have made you ours.

Moving on with Business

I’m feeling much better since this morning. I drove a loop (not the “loop”) around town, and ended up at home in time to visit with the city wastewater service men. Apparently, my sewer connection is not damaged “enough” to warrant intervention by the city, so I’ll be purchasing a new sewer connection to repair the joints for south of $3000. Perhaps I can cancel my March trip. Oh yeah: I’m still feeling better with a $3000 future cost versus a bad client. Good riddance.

After a dentist appointment, lunch, and a call to my lawyer to get a client termination form letter (funny what those guys have on hand, huh?), I buried myself in “complex” design calculations. Now that I’m at the end of the day (not night; going back later), I feel really good about ditching the client. I called another client for some data for my calc’s, got what I needed without an inquisition, and went back to work feeling even better. By morning, I expect to have put it all behind me except mailing the formal termination letter.

Not Taking This Shit from Anybody

Following is a client – make that former client – email correspondence. A phone conversation followed the email during which we determined it best we no longer do business together. I’ve been building up to this moment for weeks. For now, I’m flustered (hence this post), but I need to calm a little so I can focus on the clients who treat me with respect. There are some great people who call me to enlist my help with projects and appreciate the work I do. Those folks deserve my undivided attention.

Sent to client 03 Sep 11:30 am:

I received the [project] contracts and sent your signed copy back via USPS.

I expect to get started 10 September or thereabouts. Can you or [your employee] meet me Tuesday 11 September? I have another client kick-off meeting that morning that should end by 10 am.

Sent by client 04 Sep 7:52 am:

You told us that you would start right after the holiday. We need you to get started quicker. I believe that our completion date is like the 20thor so.

Sent by client 04 Sep 8:02 am

Since you should have already started and we have a pending deadline and you appear to be too busy, why don’t we just call your involvement off and let us get someone else that is readily available. We have a couple other choices.

I don’t wish this man the best.