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  1. I was a practicing Muslim for 5 years. I have read the Qu’ran cover to cover three times. Islam, as it is dictated in the Qu’ran and as it was practiced under the Prophet was enlightened and progressive. Women were given rights to divorce, property ownership, inheritance, education, employment, etc. Religious tolerance was the norm and in fact, the Moors – North African Muslims – were known as some of the most enlightened and religiously tolerant people of that era. They ruled Spain from the 700s to the 1400s.

    That, however, is not the so-called Islam being practiced today.

    Many of the points in the article are correct because after Mohammed died and there was a schism between the two successors which led to Sunni vs. Shiite Muslims there was a reversion to many of the Arab customs of the period prior to Mohammed called Jahilayah. I wrote many a research paper on this in college.

    Also, much like Judaism where it is not the Torah but rather the Talmud that is followed, Muslims base much of their practice on Shariah which goes directly to pre-Islamic tenets and the Hadith which post-dates Mohammed’s death and is more of a biography.

    That is why I stopped being a Muslim, however, I would encourage any and everyone to read the Qu’ran before judging the faith. It is the practitioners, not the philosophy that has gone astray.

    • Thanks for the comment. One issue I have with most religions is the “grant” of rights to women, rather than the recognition of the intrinsic value of women, and of each and every human individual. The right of self-determination and self-expression founds every relationship among free people.

      • Agreed and perhaps I should have said, “given back” as their intrinsic rights were stripped from them during Jahilayah.

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