Another Message from the Patriarchy: Page 3 Girls

We have recently become aware of increasingly loud complaints regarding the exposure of women’s breasts and general female nudity in public media, specifically print media. Among these complaints are those regarding a certain princess of the English. The Patriarchy disclaims these publications.

Female nudity is simple to obtain, as these publications have demonstrated. Women line up for the opportunity to be photographed nude so long as they believe themselves worthy, no matter how fleetingly, and on many a groundless pretext. Male participation in this endeavor is predicated on its monetary value. Men do not subscribe to gossip rags nor purchase such at news stands. Should we wish to see a princess topless, many such images may be obtained from free sources sans the superfluous details of her motivations, lifestyle, and despot-in-waiting husband. We care not one whit for her tits, and many superior examples may be personally inspected for as little as a few hours investment of flattery, time, and money.

Women are responsible for the display of nude women in media. Women revel in the disgrace of their competitors. Women seek humiliation of other women. Women agree to be displayed nude for admiration or ridicule. Women disrobe in public settings. Women succumb to the trickery IN HOPE OF GAIN without true effort or sacrifice. Women exchange their beauty for fleeting praise.

The Patriarchy can’t save you. You want freedom? This is it. Show us your tits. Show us your cunt and ass. Don’t you blame us for the derision you receive for doing it. We like tits, cunt, and ass. We know their purpose and power. We revel in it. It’s your “sisters” that fear their power. They fear the power it gives you when you’re willing to trade on what we value. Why else slander women who choose to marry men, bear their children, and raise them? We do no such thing. Women who partner with the Patriarchy earn our respect, honor, and favor. We care not where you show your tits, especially if you feed our sons and daughter with them.

Please, advertise. We’re always seeking new partners. Our cause could use a few good women. However, we recommend you choose other publications. We don’t read tabloids.

One response to “Another Message from the Patriarchy: Page 3 Girls

  1. For Clarissa’s readers:

    Thank you for visiting. You increase my readership by one order of magnitude each time she links my blog.

    For Clarissa: (

    You ought consider a reasoned argument that is not a personal attack against the physical attractiveness or genital endowment of a man. My post is not so well-fashioned that you can have no competent response. Shall I answer your petty argument? No; you have no basis upon which to make a claim. My post, while tongue-in-cheek, addresses a real issue. You appear incapable of response.

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