Romney Speaks Truth; Mass Media Object

As you may already know, Romney spoke to an exclusive fund raisers’ group earlier this year and stated at that gathering that he wasn’t courting those Americans who aren’t paying taxes because those Americans have nothing to gain from a Romney presidency.

Duh. We all knew that. Obama supporters just don’t like admitting that they’re not self supporting. I don’t understand why. After all, they “didn’t build that,” the government did. Never mind how that government is funded.

2 responses to “Romney Speaks Truth; Mass Media Object

  1. I thought Romney was speaking as a campaign analyst and knew, of course, that this would be fodder for more division. It was logical strategy he was speaking about – the way you hear Diabetes spoken of as a commodity on Market Channels. Black and white data for analysts.

    • Andy Dean, a radio host, has a monologue from Tuesday 18 Sep that answers critics well. I honestly worry that the continuing division between those who know nothing is “free” and those who think “there’s plenty for everybody” could end in a bloodbath. I believe both sides are prepared to use bullets to conclude the debate.

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