A Break from Reality Cures Some Depression

I came away from being in the audience of a discussion panel yesterday feeling like the only sane person in the room. At the end of the panel discussion, one of the audience members complimented a parent in the room for his support of his child, a panelist. The topic was adult (I would classify this as at least PG-13, probably R for adult themes), the child was clearly lacking full maturity, and while the audience was friendly, I could see how this might play very badly in the future to a less-polite crowd of well-educated opponents. I got up and left as she began her praise lest I hear enough that my anger got the better of me and the full force of my own opinion spewed forth. I managed a brief conversation with a kind soul in the room, followed by the another conversation down the hall, but after that, I just needed to get home and start drinking. A lot. This morning, I found myself so frustrated and angry that I stayed home and puttered about the house resolving minor nuisances like “what’s that smell in the refrigerator ,” and similar tasks. I finally made it to the office tonight. As it happens, I missed one phone call but not much else. My life invariably works that way.

Part of my escape from reality included indulging a missed season of The Glades: a crime procedural that ultimately focuses on the relationship between a homicide detective and a nurse cum doctor. The crime puzzles are mildly engaging, but I’m much more interested in the intricacies of the characters’ negotiation of their romance than anything else. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I’ve realized, after some introspection today, that what’s missing from this blog is a reason for you to read it. I read blogs for the interpersonal narratives: boy meets girl, boy gets girl, and all that falls between. That may seem a pansey-ass thing to admit, but I think even most men read stories for the characters and for the eventual closure of those characters’ stories. So, I’m going to switch tracks for a little while and provide a little back story while I work up the guts to be more forthcoming about my present circumstances.

Next post…

2 responses to “A Break from Reality Cures Some Depression

  1. As you might see, I’ve been reading posts of yours because you are in the design world somehow but moreso because you are a man that writes! I do find your thoughts interesting. I had to tell you this because you sounded like you were reasoning that there wasn’t a reason to read you. There is to me and I may not always comment – or have the time to read a lot but I like to. Jayne

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. My opinions tend to run toward the Ayn Rand end of the spectrum: guns without gods; freedom from religion; libertine not liberal; social not socialist. That’s a hard place to live in a country where the major political parties and social movements marry what to my mind are diametrically opposed ideals.

    Add to that a liberal / racial minority / feminist agenda that seeks “equality” by enforcing parity in all areas of society where white, male, multi-generation americans dominate – without regard for portions where they do not – and I’m not merely feeling “misunderstood” among fools, but openly threatened with impoverishment, disenfranchisement, and eventual death. I believe many women, racial minorities, sexual orientations, and other “victim” groups fail to recognize that the white male population that they accuse off horrendous acts of discrimination, preference, subjugation, and violence including murder and genocide IS STILL CAPABLE OF THESE ACTS. Such groups should encourage us to refrain rather than goad us to despicable action.

    I’ll continue this in another post.

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