I finally completed a major project today. Completed may be overstating it. Perhaps there will be few addenda, but I doubt it. I expect shit to hit fan in tomorrow’s meeting, then I’ll go from there. It’s nothing I haven’t accomplished before; I’m just more tired than I have been in the past, so it’s gonna be rough getting everything done in time for bidders.

The local AIA convention is running this week, so perhaps I’ll get a brief respite from phone calls.

I might also be tired from good sex early this morning. Good enough to change the sheets. More tonight? I’d provide details, but quite honestly, I don’t have porn sex. Athletic sometimes, but usually it’s all about sweating to a silent rhythm until exhaustion. Position changes are for convenience and better leverage. I wish there was more to it, as that would provide blog fodder. Perhaps a questions from the gallery?

As I said, tired. More tomorrow, perhaps. I’ve been having deep thoughts.

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