Sometimes Good News Comes from a Bad Situation

I received a phone call from a construction superintendent today. He was calling to schedule my observation of a small concrete placement in town. Problem was, the project was for the client I just shed. Since the termination letter is already in the mail, it’s too late to do the guy a favor and drop by anyway. I explained the situation as best I could without breaking confidentiality, and he was very kind to me about the whole thing, whereas most guys would have probably been a little upset.

Here’s the sweet thing: he made a point of saying some very nice things about me, about how well the work had gone, and about how I had been very helpful and responsive through the whole process. All that was completely unrequested praise; I was trying to get off the phone with him so I wouldn’t inadvertently say anything hurtful about my former client. But he went on for a long time about everything I had done right and promised – again, unbidden – to spread the word about how I’d done a really good job. I was truly touched. I’m sitting here at the bleeding edge end of my day tearing-up a little just thinking about it.

Wow. I must be stressed out. Breaking things, crying, insomnia, blogging. What a summer this has been.

Ah, well. Sleep beckons and I am tired, and there is so much left to do to deliver this project now on my desk so I can start hunting for the next challenge. There is truly no rest for the weary, but occasionally , there is sleep. Perhaps I may dream of lovelies such as those provided by the Nude Monk.

… more likely the nightmare where I sleep through my college exams.

One response to “Sometimes Good News Comes from a Bad Situation

  1. Sometimes there is a silver lining just when you need to see it. It always strikes me as an affirmation of my good decision when there is a positive, unexpected occurence that benefitted me after I take action. I do think people notice and remember Quality. Congrats!

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