A Message from the Patriarchy

I read a blog here at WordPress. I may link it later. Following is my response.

Speaking for the “Patriarchy,” penetrative intra-vaginal sex is not mandatory. I can assure you we aren’t interested in anything other than mutual respect. We establish partnerships with women interested in what we offer. Among our offers is penetrative intra-vaginal sex. We offer other advantages: mutual support, superior physical strength and stamina, time-independent emotional states, among other traits and advantages whose benefits you ceaselessly dispute. Relationships predicated on the guilt or shame of either party do not interest us. If you would rather not fuck, please take your vaginal discourse proclaiming that “a woman’s vagina is not for fucking” elsewhere. The patriarchy has addressed these false and misleading claims for six thousand years and we tire of this dispute. When you are prepared to join with us as you did thousands of years ago and build a civilization from scratch with nothing but your bare hands and the power of your mind, then we may negotiate sexuality, but don’t expect us to acquiesce to your demands without a just exchange. We will no more be your slaves than you falsely claim we have made you ours.

2 responses to “A Message from the Patriarchy

  1. Fortunately, people like her will eliminate themselves from the gene pool by actually implementing their bizarre beliefs.

    One has to wonder what kind of abuse she suffered, and from whom, to decide to paint all males with the same very wide brush. I suspect serious psychological problems are at work.

    Yes, I said she’s nuts. “Batshit” might be a better word, though.

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