Not Taking This Shit from Anybody

Following is a client – make that former client – email correspondence. A phone conversation followed the email during which we determined it best we no longer do business together. I’ve been building up to this moment for weeks. For now, I’m flustered (hence this post), but I need to calm a little so I can focus on the clients who treat me with respect. There are some great people who call me to enlist my help with projects and appreciate the work I do. Those folks deserve my undivided attention.

Sent to client 03 Sep 11:30 am:

I received the [project] contracts and sent your signed copy back via USPS.

I expect to get started 10 September or thereabouts. Can you or [your employee] meet me Tuesday 11 September? I have another client kick-off meeting that morning that should end by 10 am.

Sent by client 04 Sep 7:52 am:

You told us that you would start right after the holiday. We need you to get started quicker. I believe that our completion date is like the 20thor so.

Sent by client 04 Sep 8:02 am

Since you should have already started and we have a pending deadline and you appear to be too busy, why don’t we just call your involvement off and let us get someone else that is readily available. We have a couple other choices.

I don’t wish this man the best.

One response to “Not Taking This Shit from Anybody

  1. I am so used to dealing with abusive people, I had to to read this closely to see what the problem was. I am glad that you are in a position to not have to put up with this kind of behavior. If they are messing around at the beginning, they will be screwing you at the end too. I am glad you could say no.

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