Moving on with Business

I’m feeling much better since this morning. I drove a loop (not the “loop”) around town, and ended up at home in time to visit with the city wastewater service men. Apparently, my sewer connection is not damaged “enough” to warrant intervention by the city, so I’ll be purchasing a new sewer connection to repair the joints for south of $3000. Perhaps I can cancel my March trip. Oh yeah: I’m still feeling better with a $3000 future cost versus a bad client. Good riddance.

After a dentist appointment, lunch, and a call to my lawyer to get a client termination form letter (funny what those guys have on hand, huh?), I buried myself in “complex” design calculations. Now that I’m at the end of the day (not night; going back later), I feel really good about ditching the client. I called another client for some data for my calc’s, got what I needed without an inquisition, and went back to work feeling even better. By morning, I expect to have put it all behind me except mailing the formal termination letter.

3 responses to “Moving on with Business

  1. You design? – well then, you have to check this site out – it will raise your spirits even more! The examples I read were about clients from graphic artists, illustrators… but I think you’ll get a kick from these fools considering you cutting the chord on your client – Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough because you can tell you’re headed for trouble. Clients From Hell see the hilarity at:

    • Thanks for the link. The anecdotes would be funnier if they weren’t so familiar. My client is an architect, as are most of my clients, so he knows better. He’s the exceptionally brutish example of a person who thinks bullying others is an appropriate business tactic. Most architects aren’t this way since they’re often on the receiving end of such tactics.

      • Yes – those anecdotes are funnier the further they are from real experience and I know exactly what you went through. The only way to avoid that is to do exactly what you’ve done – end it. So Good for You! Fortunately, you could say NO and THAT is a VERY good thing. It’s horrible if you need the job and the client is an ass. I hope you get a better client in his place!

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