Pakistan: 943 Women Were Killed In The Name Of Honor, Of Which 93 Were Minors

Somebody explain to me why we permit such nations self-governance.

Religious Atrocities

Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan (HRCP) 2011 Report: ‘943 Women Were Killed In The Name Of Honor, Of Which 93 Were Minors’

‘The Murderers Were Mostly Brothers And Husbands’

Human Rights Commission Of Pakistan (HRCP) 2011 Report

The Qur’an says: “Your wives are a garment for you, and you are a garment for them.” (2:187) So a husband and wife complete each other – each one takes on a new aspect of their humanity, a new facet and depth to their personality by entering into marriage and this is symbolized in this verse. Garments also conceal the body and protect the wearer so that a husband and wife are each other’s protectors and helpers and each of them safeguards their partner’s honor shaping the state of marriage into a haven and a sanctuary where each should feel safe and secure, sheltered in one another’s care and guardianship.

Islam from…

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Government Housing for Aids Patients

I received the following from the City of Little Rock today. I immediately wondered if victoms of other illnesses were similarly supported with housing.

The City of Little Rock will receive bids until 6/15/12 at 2:00 PM for the following:

Bid 12252, RFQ Housing Opportunities for Persons With Aids.

To download a copy of this bid, please follow the link below:

You may phone our office at (501)-371-4560 for further information.

Thank you for your interest.

Jerry Paul

Purchasing Agent

City ofLittle Rock

500 WestMarkham

Little Rock,AR72201

(501) 371-4560