Mysterious Girlfriend X

I stumbled upon Mysterious Girlfiend X through Hulu, and as a 41-year-old man, found many of the same themes Alterego 9 also discovered. Additionally, the story accurately portrays the way most young men approach women: with wonder, respect, and longing for love and understanding. If you’re looking for an anime story without false innocence, then you need to check out Mysterious Girlfrined X.

Anime September

No, seriously. Just think about it. While it’s true that the overwhelming majority of anime characters are virgins, the reasons for it are varying from fetishist appeal, to the inherent moe appeal of youthful innocence, (that is also used in series that aren’t supposed  to be sexually appealing). Sometimes, it’s pointed out as a significant plot point. Other times, it’s just implied by the characters’ age and behavior.

And then here is this one anime, that finally bothered to actually discuss teenage sexuality.

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